Me Before “Me Before You,” and Me Afterwards

I have been absolutely obsessed with the notion of Me Before You since the trailer premiered in February. Even though I, a cinephile who is studying criticism, should have immediately waved it off as a silly chick flick, I found myself absolutely giddy. May couldn't come soon enough! Well. It's June. New Zealand got Me Before You a month … Continue reading Me Before “Me Before You,” and Me Afterwards

Courage and Kindness

This is a silly blog. Don't think I don't know it. I know that the only people who take a look at it are very kind friends, my mother (hi, mom!), and, according to WordPress statistics, someone in Bulgaria (so "Zdravei" to you, friend!). I write it mostly for practice. I have a lot of thoughts … Continue reading Courage and Kindness

Paris, tu es de ma famille.

It's been a few days, and I know that everyone is aware of the situation that unfolded in Paris on Friday, November 13 in Paris. Not as widely publicized but equally as important are the tragedies that also befell Beirut, Baghdad, Japan, Mexico, and Kenya, overall resulting in a total of thousands of deaths around the … Continue reading Paris, tu es de ma famille.