All the Times I Wept #2: Logan (2017)

SPOILERS, FOOLS. Keep your bloody adamantium claws off this page if you don’t want Logan to be utterly ruined for you. Welcome to the second installment of my “All the Times I Wept” series. This blog could also be subtitled, “Need a Hug After Seeing Logan? C’mon. Bring it in.” Okay. It’s been a a few days, and […]

My Last Day in Auckland

I can describe the past five months in terms of numbers: 6000 miles from home, 148 elapsed days, 4 classes taken, 3 countries visited, and all of it culminates into 1 unforgettable experience living in another country. On this my final day living in Auckland, New Zealand, I did one final mad dash across the city to […]