I Wrote a Piece of Fan Fiction for 10 Years and Here’s What Happened…

Fan fiction gets a bad rap, and that’s mostly because of some of the more…strange products that end up on the internet. While we often see cringeworthy, oftentimes hilarious outcomes that freak out celebrities like James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, or even have entire Twitter accounts devoted to some of the more outlandish musings (and let’s not forget “My Immortal”), […]

All the Times I Wept #2: Logan (2017)

SPOILERS, FOOLS. Keep your bloody adamantium claws off this page if you don’t want Logan to be utterly ruined for you. Welcome to the second installment of my “All the Times I Wept” series. This blog could also be subtitled, “Need a Hug After Seeing Logan? C’mon. Bring it in.” Okay. It’s been a a few days, and […]

WELL. I’m back!

Hello, no one! And that isn’t to say that you are “no one,” if you are reading this. You are certainly someone, but until I build an actual audience, I shall simply feel as if I am posting to the great VOID. That is to say, that ever-growing black hole that exists in the universe […]