My Last Day in Auckland

I can describe the past five months in terms of numbers: 6000 miles from home, 148 elapsed days, 4 classes taken, 3 countries visited, and all of it culminates into 1 unforgettable experience living in another country. On this my final day living in Auckland, New Zealand, I did one final mad dash across the city to […]

Animal Shenangians While Abroad

I have spent the last five months in Oceania, and in that time have had some memorable interactions with some pretty cool creatures big and small, furry and feathered, majestic and annoying beyond belief. Here are just a few of those memories: A Hungry Tiger at the Auckland Zoo As a part of my Study […]

We’re Sorry We Inflicted “The Bachelor” Upon You, World. Love, America

So we’ve already covered the fact that I am Bachelor/Bachelorette trash in one of my very first blog posts, but let’s forget about all that (and all of my many cringeworthy colloquialisms scattered throughout that text) and instead delve right into my rather curious experience of watching the American-born reality show make its way 6000 miles across the […]

Courage and Kindness

This is a silly blog. Don’t think I don’t know it. I know that the only people who take a look at it are very kind friends, my mother (hi, mom!), and, according to WordPress statistics, someone in Bulgaria (so “Zdravei” to you, friend!). I write it mostly for practice. I have a lot of thoughts […]