Project J-Curve – Putting the “re” in “resolution”

Well hello thar. 

…sorry. Hate that already. Off to a GREAT start. 

If you are still reading this after that awkward beginning, hello and welcome to the first of what will hopefully be many entries to this blog page, which is somehow six years old (yikes). I started it as a teenager with a lot of opinions about movies and an overwhelming desire to shout them into a void. Despite getting lost in the chaos of daily life again and again, I never gave up the dream of wanting to make blogging a regular part of my life, and as the years past, I adapted this blog to be a practice platform for what I hoped might become a regular part of a future career. 

You can revisit old entries on this site (please don’t) and see my many pledges to stick to this resolution that…never really happened. Last year, 2018, was particularly bad. Remember when I promised to blog every week? 

Well here’s the issue with that. Those blogs take me hours to complete (which might surprise you, seeing as many of them are…pretty unimpressive). Whenever I sat down to complete them, I found myself feeling daunted by the time commitment, and given other priorities, the blog often fell by the wayside unless I felt truly passionate about a particular topic. 

So, though I might have let myself down on that and a number of other resolutions of 2018, it’s a new year, and call me a blind optimist, but I’m out here again making a list of self improvements that just need to happen. I firmly believe that the quest for self-improvement never ends, but my little hangups are actually impeding my progress at this point. 

“I’m not a survivalist. I’m an optimist!” – One of my favorite quotes from Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, which I think applies in this circumstance.

SPEAKING OF POINTS! Let me get to mine, shall we? 2019 is also going to be a year of massive change for me. I will be moving to a new place soon, graduating from my masters program, FINALLY leaving school, getting new jobs and being met with a whole bunch of new situations. Given that change, I need an old friend to shout my feelings to. And this blog, who has been a trusty constant in my life for six years, seems like the perfect solution. 

So? Let’s try this again. This is the first entry in what I’m calling Project J-curve. I call it that not only because…heh…get it? Like…like my name? It starts with…with a J? Heh heh?


Forget it. No, but also it stands for the J-curve of a line graph, which is what I feel I’m about to go through this year; it’s going to start really slow and stagnant, and might actually take me a few steps backward from where I want to be. Then, all of a sudden, things might skyrocket into complete chaos, but (hopefully) a much-needed and rapid progression into a time of growth. It also is going to mirror (I pray) my learning curve as I enter, well, for a lack of a better term, “the real world.” 

These Project J-curve blogs are meant to be messy, stream-of-consciousness-y, imperfect (…have any of them been perfect thus far? Bold of me to assume…I just used the word “stream-of-consciousness-y” for chrissake), and if you are following along, great! I will still occasionally post my nerdy entertainment-based blogs when there’s something I feel the urge to rant about, but these ones are going to be more personal, and are mostly meant as a litmus test for me to see how I respond to the many curveballs and challenge I already anticipate facing. 

Now that that’s out there, in the interest of actualization, I’m going to post here my list of resolutions for this year, which…it’s already day 11 and I’m hardcore dropping the ball on some of these. Lessgo: 

2019 Mantra: Surrender and remain — enjoy life in all its weirdness.

  1. Complete your thesis – treat it like a craft, not a magnum opus. You’ve done it before, you can do it again. 
  2. Lose 20 pounds. Yes, 20. Enough with the garbage food and “I’ll exercise tomorrow”s. 
  3. Answer texts, phone calls, emails, and messages the soonest free moment you have after you receive them. 
  4. One coffee drink per week. 
  5. Meditate twice daily
  6. Take proper care of your teeth
  7. Write always, write often.
  8. Read a book a month for fun, you monster. 
  9. Giving up is easy. Be resolute. 
  10. Be Left Reindeer in everything you do. 
(Translation? Be hella extra and give everything your all.)

So…here’s to the spirit of not screwing up for the…oh…I’d say fourth year in a row? Let’s raise a glass to re-resolutions, and to Project J-curve! I’ll see you soon! 


2 thoughts on “Project J-Curve – Putting the “re” in “resolution”

  1. You got this. You are a BOSS woman and I believe in you. You have always managed to help me when I needed it for theatre. If you ever need anything let me know.

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