My Last Day in Auckland

I can describe the past five months in terms of numbers: 6000 miles from home, 148 elapsed days, 4 classes taken, 3 countries visited, and all of it culminates into 1 unforgettable experience living in another country.

On this my final day living in Auckland, New Zealand, I did one final mad dash across the city to make some final memories and pay one final places to visit. I have recounted below the entire nine-hour journey!

7:30: Alarm goes off


7:31: After a rare night of insomnia, I say, “Naw,” and sleep for another hour. 


8:32: Actually got up


9:40: Caught the ferry from Bayswater into the Auckland CBD


10:10: Caught the bus to St. Luke’s Mall for the sole purpose of picking up two full bags of my favorite candy unique to NZ


…which I lovingly have called, “Fizzy Lifting Drinks” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory since I was seven!

11:19: One last walk through of the University of Auckland

11:42: Albert Park, a good book, and a warm cookie and chocolate milk from Moustache Milk and Cookie Bar

12:45: One last BurgerFuel Meal and L&P, eaten in Aotearoa Square next to the Ice Skating Rink

1:43: The World Press Photo Exhibit, displaying the best press photography in the past year


2:10: One final chai latte from my favorite cafe, Remedy

3:14: Shopping! 

3:53: One last visit to the Sky Tower, the place where this crazy adventure began


And I took a last look over the city below, remembering all I was able to see and do here.

Like how I bungeed off that bridge…

Auckland Harbour Bridge

…or how I went to that school…

The University of Auckland

…or how I hiked that entire expanse of land and up those two peaks…

The Coast to Coast Walk: A view of One Tree Hill and Mt. Eden

…and how I climbed this…

Rangitoto Volcano

…and how I could walk to this beautiful museum from my flat…

The Auckland War Museum

…and went to one of the most inventive places to have an outdoor cinema…

Silo Park

…and jumped from this very height down to that platform.

The SkyJump base landing pad

4:36: Said goodbye to Hugh

This ad greeted me every time I walked down to the city. Farewell, Hugh!

4:42: Back on the ferry back to Bayswater, getting a final look of the city


4:55: Got a perfect view of a last New Zealand sunset from Bayswater’s shores



And that did it. Today, I am on my way back to the U.S., and I honestly can’t believe this journey has gone by as quickly as it did! It was a truly unforgettable experience, and I thank you for coming along with me on this journey! There will be one final “trip in review” post coming in the next few days, entitled, “30 Strange Things I’ve Learned About Myself from my Time Abroad,” but until then, thank you for joining me on my travels!

Haere ra!

Photos by author. Gifs from giphy.

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