Batman vs. Superman vs. Deadpool: SPOILER FREE!

Since arriving in New Zealand, I have only seen two new films at the local cinema, both of which are based in the superhero genre: Deadpool and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I was initially never planning on seeing either of these films, as I had some prejudices against Deadpool's character for personal reasons and Man of Steel set the … Continue reading Batman vs. Superman vs. Deadpool: SPOILER FREE!

Thoughts from Abroad: On Terrorism

  I had hoped that I would never have to write another one of these posts, after I covered the terrorist attacks in Paris that ended up killing 130 people back in November. My post back then was dedicated to what Paris meant to me through media, art, and actually visiting the city personally. While … Continue reading Thoughts from Abroad: On Terrorism

The One With The Power Outage

In the seventh episode of Friends, entitled, "The One With The Blackout," New York City encounters a massive power outage, leaving the friends stranded without electricity for hours, and of course, shenanigans ensue. Now, while last night didn't end with me fighting off a violent cat, meeting a flirtatious Italian, or getting trapped in an ATM with … Continue reading The One With The Power Outage