WELL. I’m back!

Hello, no one!

And that isn’t to say that you are “no one,” if you are reading this. You are certainly someone, but until I build an actual audience, I shall simply feel as if I am posting to the great VOID. That is to say, that ever-growing black hole that exists in the universe full of ideas and opinions and creative ideas undiscovered. I post to relieve stress, get my thoughts out there at all. I think that’s why we all do it, in the grand scheme of things. Why does our social network-based society continue to grow? Because the entire world found a voice. Good for you, world!

Well, my blog is different. No longer does this blog remain just a random pool of things I want to talk about–it lacked focus and was thus the reason I quit the blog altogether. Now I know blogs are out of date, what with Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. etc. etc.  My YouTube channel is more populous than any of the aforementioned items, and I believe I have a total of two followers–you, Brittany, and probably some poor soul who accidentally clicked on me.

My focus is ENTERTAINMENT. What we ALL love. Now, I don’t aim to be a critic. I simply hope to be the voice of the common man, asking questions, throwing them to the void and seeing if I get a response. I am a thespian, a film-lover, an actor, writer, director, musician…my crafts are not an any way “professional,” but I am cultured. I know what I like as far as entertainment is concerned and I wish to understand what the rest of the world thinks. Is our taste in the arts and entertainment changing as rapidly as our society is, what with rapid changes in technology? What’s working? What isn’t?

In this blog, I will talk about a wide range of topics. From movies to Disneyland, music to theater, celebrities to television shows…I will cover it all. My opinions do not intend to offend, merely to raise questions.

So follow me, if you will, through life’s crazy labyrinth! And through my questions, dear void, I hope you’ll let me entertain you!

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